Dragonball Advent Truth is a DBZ MUD(Multi User Domain) that tries to bring the best of DBZ into a game format without sacrificing either. Allowing greater control over your character than any other DBZ related game in the comfort of a great community. Do you want to be a planet raping tyrant? You can. The hero who saves the universe? Totally can. Peacefully play a weak character focused more on story? You absolutely can. The limit is your imagination. These are just some of the game's features: * Destructible environments. * Fully explorable space * Private Ships that you can own to explore space * Dynamic Gravity system with gravity generators that can be programmed to a specific setting * Dynamic Wish system that summons Shenron and allows you to speak wishes like in the show * Scouters that work like in the show, detecting powerlevels on a planet and alerting their owner to incoming powerlevels. * Unique Combat system that allows for personalized strategies based on the pros/cons of your skill set. Encouraging teamwork against powerful opponents or expressing the awesome feeling of fighting alone. * Sensei fighting disciplines chosen at character creation. Each with their own set of skills that are unique. * Trainers, the non-Sensei type that offer skills to players of any discipline if they happen to find the trainer and meet their requirements for training. * Fully coded clan system that allows ultimate freedom for clan leaders to run their clans. Setting whether the clan is free to join or restricted to application. Naming the ranks of the clan and being able to actively promote/demote your members. Managing the clan bank for purchasing clan related buildings/perks. As well as much more. * User account system coupled with Role-playing Points earned through good RP that are shared amongst the characters available to each account. * In-depth character creation system allowing for a great amount of personalization for your character. * Hands on staff control of the RP universe where it matters to keep things interesting and hands off where it matters to allow personal RP freedom. So join today and enjoy one of the best DBZ related games you can find. A free experience in a great community and even better game. What more could you ask for?

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