-Written by the player Nyx Dragonball Advent-Truth is a roleplay enforced mud, which means that your character is always considered to be IC (in character). This means that everything you make them say or do, actually has in game RP consequences. Roleplaying on Dragonball Advent-Truth is a vital part of character levelling, but this shouldn't ever be seen as a chore as it allows for players to make character rich, interesting and well developed characters. And you could too. This guide will offer you some examples of the different ways in which you can make your character something more than a two dimensional statistic, hopefully giving you ideas and tools which will encourage you to start breathing life into your characters. Part One: Who Are They? Part Two: Meeting Other People Part Three: Style Part Four: Conduct Whilst Roleplaying

Part One: Who Are They?

You can make your character exactly like you are, but you're making a dbz character and I'm not sure any of us can fly about and shoot ki from our boobs. So we can create anything we want as the basis of our characters, your imagination and the Dragonball Advent-Truth universe are the limits. Sometimes you might have a concept which goes beyond the realms of what the mud usually allows, if this is the case you can always ask the staff of Dragonball Advent-Truth for advice and possibly permission to act out your ideas. For now though I'll try and keep things simple and talk about characters that fit in with the universe as it is. Different people craft their characters in different ways. Some people will sketch out the basics, such as race, class, age and gender. Then throw them into the world and then allow them to develop within the virtual world they're placed in. Other people have complicated character history, that they've already formulated to give the character edge and personality. Other's think up a gimmick or something unique which they can give their character, so that it at least has the potential to spark up rp. I'd encourage anyone who was thinking about building a character, to at least do a little bit of research before hand. If you've picked a race you don't know anything about, you can easily google some images or information about them. You can easily get inspired by searching wiki pages and other information sources on the net. Remember that your character should remain consistent if you want them to be believable, it will look a little odd if you're character is demonic overlord one moment and then candy king the next without any good reason.

Part Two: Meeting Other People

Keeping things IC as opposed to OOC is a good habit and also can enhance the whole rp experience for everyone playing. It is very easy to organize rp ooc via instant message services and the like. However in game there is the SNET, a global channel for characters to communicate with one an other. When you're wanting to know IC information, you can use SNET to learn from other players so long as you've got a scouter to access the channel. Help Snet will explain more functions. You'll come across other players in a magnitude of different ways, sensing them out, getting wrapped up in on going roleplay between other characters, overhearing snet conversations, dragonball hunts, quests, space travel, sparring, training, large event rp sessions and more. All of these situations provide opportunities for rp. Just remember to stay in character, when roleplaying always ask yourself is this what I would do, or what my character would do?

Part Three: Style

Everyone is different. Some people will want to write big long posts, full of detail, that take a while to write. Others will want a simple say and a quick pace. It is an important part of roleplay to know where and when to use different styles, it helps to be flexible so that both you and the players you're interacting with can enjoy themselves. Experimenting with different lengths of emote and smote, could lead to discovering fun styles of roleplay that you hadn't experienced before. The use of emotes and smotes can enrich your rp, as the whole point of interacting with others is to express your character and make an impression. For example: Dominio says, 'Let's end this.' Might not look as impressive or make as much of an impression as: Dominio's hands clench into fists, above the brooding figure a swirl in the clouds swirls and energy crackles of his body. Through gritted teeth he demands powerfully, “Let's end this.” The first example is a say, where as the later is an example of an emote.

Part Four: Conduct Whilst Roleplaying

Try to avoid Powerposting, which is where you overstep the line between describing your own character and what they do and feel. And instead begin to describe how the other players feel and act. Most players do not like it done to them, so please try not to do it to others. Try not to emote and smote your character doing things that they can't actually do within the mechanics of the game. If you're level 5 and you've got basic attacks, it is unlikely that you're going to actually be able to turn SSJ4 and blow up a planet. Try to get into the habit of rolling with roleplay, and accepting consequences and causality of roleplay events. When roleplaying a fight, it can become quite tedious and boring if both players simply continue to write how every attack misses and nobody ever achieves any strike on the other. It is possible due to the game mechanics to implement a mixture of real moves and roleplay to achieve a slow paced battle that allows both characters to describe how the fight is going in a back and forth exchange. So player one performs a move and writes an emote depending on the outcome, player two performs a move and writes an emote reactively determined by the fight as it goes along, and so on and so forth. Remember everyone has different ways of going about it, but the main thing is to have fun and try and help everyone else have fun too.

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