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Enter the castle, Rescue the princess.

#look castle
A big dinosaur type guy lives here. You'd be pretty stupid to enter the castle on your own when he has a whole army in there.

#enter castle
Are you sure you want to enter the castle? You're just one guy. There's a WHOLE FREAKING army in there.

#say yes
Ok then, it's your death wish.
You enter the castle.

#look corridor
There is a whole army here. I warned you, you're probably going to die now. Oh and there's an inconspicious floating box with a question mark on it.

#look box
It's just floating there. And it has a question mark on it. Don't jump up and hit it with your head. You'll lose the game.

#jump box
Are you sure you want to do this? I told you would lose!

#say yes
You jump up and hit the box with your head, causing a star to appear.
I really hate you, you know.

#get star
You get the flashing star, becoming invincible temporarily.

#Run past army
You run past the army, killing all the koopa troopas because of the star. Only stopping outside the final room.

#look room
There is a bridge over lava here. The evil dinosaur guy is over the other side, standing on the end of the bridge.
There is an axe behind him.

#Run and jump over Dinosaur then get the axe.
Well. You killed him. Happy?

#say That was too easy.
I know right. Free the princess.

#Free princess
You attempt to free the princess, but a toad appears instead saying, "The princess is in another castle."

#say Fuck this, I'm going home.
You have quit.