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Delete the win32 folder to obtain the triforce.

#Delete win32
You have deleted the win32 folder.
You lose.

#say Where is the triforce?
You deleted win32 folder. Triforce was in folder.

#restore win32
The restore command was in the win32 folder.

#shoot self
Why would you want to kill yourself?

#say Because I don't have triforce.
Maybe you do. Did you check your backpocket?

#look in backpocket
You don't have a backpocket.

#Headbutt wall
If you do that, you won't get the triforce.

#stop headbutt wall
You have stopped headbutting the wall like a moron.

#say Where is the triforce now?
Did you look in your backpocket twice?

#look in backpocket
You don't have a backpocket. Hah, got you again.

#look forward
The triforce is behind you, silly.

#look behind
Game over.

#say What? This can't be game over.
Oh but it is. The triforce is a lie.

#say What are you?
Cake. The poisonous kind.

#get cake
You have obtained the Triforce!
--Game Over--